What is the Average Cost of Real Estate in Tarrant County, Texas?

Rocket Homes Real Estate LLC is a customer-oriented real estate agency that specializes in and around East Dallas. Currently, there are 7,537 homes for sale in Tarrant County, Texas, with 1,316 of them being newly listed in the past week. The charts are updated monthly with the most recent real estate data. Hover your mouse over the line in the graphs to view the figures for each month.

The median number of days on the market in Tarrant County, Texas has been decreasing since last month and increasing slightly since last year. Housing supply has stayed close to historic lows for most of the past few years, especially during the peak years of the housing boom. The average home sold very close to the list price during the booming years of the housing market and has started to decrease slightly in recent years. Real estate listings held by brokerage firms are identified with detailed information about them, such as the names of publicly traded companies.

The real estate market reports are calculated by Rocket Homes Real Estate and are based on information from the MLS. Tarrant County is a seller's market, meaning that prices tend to be higher and homes sell faster. Rocket Homes Real Estate LLC's main office is located at Rocket Homes Real Estate, 701 Griswold St, Suite 21, Detroit, MI 48222. Learn more about Tarrant County announcements for open houses, reduced prices, foreclosures, new housing developments and new home construction.

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