Exploring the Most Popular Neighborhoods in Tarrant County, Texas

Rocket Homes Real Estate LLC is committed to providing digital accessibility for people with disabilities. The Fort Worth housing market has been resilient due to its diversified economy and labor market. To gain a better understanding of the market, it is important to analyze real estate performance at the local level. The most active areas in Tarrant County are mainly located in the south, such as Midlothian, Mansfield and Burleson, as buyers search for more affordable housing. Tarrant County is a seller's market, meaning that prices are higher and homes sell faster.

The Dallas Business Journal recently launched a new real estate series called “The Most Popular Neighborhoods in North Texas”, which begins with an analysis of the 50 Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods with the highest average values. While the year-on-year increases in home values were impressive in the most expensive neighborhoods in North Texas, they weren't the biggest percentage increases in the region. Housing market observers anticipate sales to decrease by up to 10% or more in certain overvalued markets. The DFW market is normalizing and prices are being corrected, according to Michael at a roundtable organized by real estate company Opendoor last September. Around 80 zip codes in North Texas saw an increase of 25% or more last year, and these codes will be featured in an upcoming edition of “The Most Popular Neighborhoods in North Texas”.

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