The Most Luxurious and Diverse Housing Markets in Texas

Texas is renowned for its luxurious and diverse housing market, from English country cottage-style mansions to modern wonders. But which are the most expensive housing markets in the Lone Star State? Storybook River Oaks Estate is one of the most opulent housing markets in Texas. This majestic English Tudor estate is situated on a heavily wooded 2.37 acre lot, combining luxury with fantasy. Its large arched windows and richly papered welcome rooms give the estate a romantic atmosphere.

Guests can enjoy a private wing, as well as a separate guest cabin. The estate also features majestic English Tudor gardens with disappearing fountains, a saltwater pool and a heated pavilion with a personalized summer kitchen. Another expensive housing market in Texas is the modern Texas mansion located on two private acres. This stunning modern mansion is brimming with artistic flair and features a large pool, batting cages and a basketball court. Inside, the house has a wood oven for pizza, a first-line gym with a Roma steam shower, a home cinema with capacity for 10 people, an elevated wine cave and a hairdressing salon with a hydraulically adjustable leather lounge chair and a shampoo bowl. As more people continue to move both to the Austin area and to Texas in general, many have raised the question of buying an affordable home in recent years.

Here I've met students from the University of Texas who want to rent close to campus, but can't because there isn't enough housing within walking distance, forcing them to go by bus from other neighborhoods. From English country cottage-style mansions to modern wonders, these mansions showcase the luxurious and diverse housing options available in today's market. Whether you're looking for an estate with fantasy elements or a modern mansion with artistic flair, these are some of the most expensive housing markets in Texas.

Kendra Calandra
Kendra Calandra

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